Below you will find the chapters of the translated dissertation of W. J. Stein: The modern scientific way of thinking and the worldview of Goethe in Rudolf Steiner’s work, which was originally published in 1921 by Der Kommende Tag A.G. Verlag.
We encourage the widespread non-commercial use of this work but the rights to publish it are solely with Thomas Meyer, who has generously allowed us to put online our translation.
The work is translated by M. Schwedeler with help of F. Lutters. In addition, a group of friends and colleagues has been essential in bringing the translation work about. They are all thanked warmly.

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  1. Nice to see the Stein website coming about! Will you publish all of Stein’s “Dissertation” soon? I only see one chapter is available. (On your webpage, after “… Meyer”, read “has” – the “h” is missing.)

    Could you kindly send the full bibliographical reference (you must know it!) to Stein’s reporting Rudolf Steiner that his “Philosophy of Freedom” would outlast all his other work? Sergei Prokofieff quotes the whole statement as the motto for his book “Anthroposopy and the PoF” but fails to give the source. Is it in Stein’s book on Steiner’ life and work? Thanks for your trouble, access to libraries is difficult where live.

    Good luck with the plans. I myself have spent the last 2 years translating with a small team absolutely all of Professor Hermann Beckh, whom many bellieve Steiner was addressing directly at the Last Addess. In any case the neglect of this universal genius is hard to understand. We have already publshed some titles including the biography and a Festschrift. While we slowly get the other titles out we are also working on the first Yearbook. With an 8-till-late day-job time is limited, but no doubt you know the situation?

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