Please find some of the articles of the journal “The Present Age”, published by W. J. Stein between 1935 and 1939, below. Please note that the rights to republish any of these articles are with Thomas Meyer, who has allowed us to maintain our website for the purpose of making public the impulses of W. J. Stein.

IssueRepublished articleComments
The Present Age. Vol. 1, Dec. 1935. No. 1- An Appreciation of D.N. DunlopDigitalized
The Present Age. Vol. 1, May 1936. No. 6- Portugal as a Preparer for the British MissionDigitalized
The Present Age. Vol. 1, Sept. 1936. No. 10- A School of Spiritual ScienceDigitalized
The Present Age. Vol. 2, Dec. 1936, No.1- What is Europe?Digitalized
The Present Age. Vol. 2, March 1937. No. 4- On the Reality of Moral Forces
- Thirty-three Years Backward and Forward
The Present Age. Vol. 3, Feb. 1936. No. 3- England as the nucleus of the foundation of commercial towns
- Babylonean Gods and Heroes
Facsimile for first article; second article was created by and links directly to their file
The Present Age. Vol. 3, September 1936. No. 9- How to Read the BibleDigitalized
The Present Age. Vol. 3, Nov./Dec. 1938. No. 11/12- The Categories of AristotleDigitalized
Extra issues- Gold in History and in Modern Times
- The Earth as a Basis for World Economy