[Update July 12, 2012] A new page has been created with a first translated chapter (Chapter 11) of W. J. Stein’s dissertation. Please click here.


Welcome to this website.

We intend to carry over the impulses of Daniel Nicol Dunlop and Walter Johannes Stein to our present times, and thereby provide a foundation for those that are interested in further building on their ideas. In doing so, we endeavor to comment, expand, and contextualize their articles to the best of our ability in order to connect the articles to our present times.

While both individuals have left a broad legacy on varying themes that include philosophy, spirituality, religion, medicine, astronomy, politics, and history, we confine ourselves to their ideas on, broadly, economics and philosophy. The main reason for this is that we believe both subjects, economics and philosophy, have the potential to reach a broad audience that includes practitioners from all backgrounds and world views. Another important reason is that the recent economic crisis acutely brings economic thought into the center of attention. We believe both D. N. Dunlop and W. J. Stein have something to say about this crisis.

Some of the original articles from the journal “The Present Age”, published by W. J. Stein between 1935 and 1939 can be found at the Articles from the journal “The Present Age” page.

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Frans Lutters and Markus Schwedeler (formerly the editors)